About Us


What is an Ombudsman?
Ombudsmen are dedicated volunteer who is trained to assist Navy families to successfully navigate the challenges of a Navy lifestyle.  (The Commanding Officer appoints ombudsmen to be the official liaison between the Command and its families.)  As the information link between the command leadership and the command families, Ombudsmen are trained to disseminate information about the command, its activities, local quality of life improvement opportunities, and "good deals" around the community.  Ombudsmen are here to provide you communication, outreach, resource & referral, and advocacy.   
How can I contact my Ombudsman?
Should anyone have concerns, comments or any questions, your hospital ombudsman is here to help and connect you to the resources you need.
To contact your ombudsman, email: navalhospitalombudsman@gmail.com or call 335-578-8090.
What an Ombudsman is not?
The ombudsman is not a trained counselor or social worker, but can show you the way to solving your problems or getting assistance.
Our Creed
I am not a crutch,
But I can support you
I am not a counselor
But I know one
I am not a taxi driver
But I can steer you in the right direction
I am not a rescuer
But I can help save lives
I am not a babysitter
But I am a great listener
I am not an enabler
But I can provide tools to empower you
I am not a master of anything
But I know many experts who understand your needs
I am not a Recreation or Health Specialist
But I am concerned about your Morale, Welfare, and Health
I am not a busybody as I've been called
But I am an Official Command Representative
I am a Navy family Ombudsman

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