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Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Everyone reacts to stress and traumatic experiences differently. While some have reactions that can be seen as normal responses to life events, others may experience signs or symptoms of more serious conditions.
Mental health and substance use conditions can affect anyone; you are not alone. The Military Health System has many resources available to help those who need it.

NMRTC Sigonella Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Our facility offers the following mental health and substance abuse services:
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • SARP Level 0.5 and Level 1 Treatment
Psychiatry, Psychology, and SARP: Psychiatry specializes in medication-based treatment to manage Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, or other concerns. Psychology utilizes “talk therapy” to treat significant traumatic experiences, depression, and anxiety by focusing on the psychopathology of the Mind. SARP treats substance abuse concerns.  All services can be found at the NAS2 Mental Health Clinic. Medical referral is not required. Self-referrals are welcome. Mental Health Clinic Number: 624-6095 / +39 095-86-6095; SARP Officer Number: 624-6092 / +39 095-86-6092.
Chaplains: 100% confidentiality for religious and non-religious services. Chaplains specialize in morality, grief, trauma, loss, and finding identity as well as purpose. No referral needed and zero health record documentation. Office number: 624-3975 / +39 095-56-3975, 24 Hour Duty Phone: +39 335 831 4493.
NAS 1 Health Promotions: Wellness coaching, tobacco cessation, stress management, relaxation classes, suicide prevention, personal development, including a Registered Dietitian to assist with healthy eating habits. Office number: 624-4578 / +39 095-56-4578 or 624-4710 / +39 095-56-4710.
Fleet and Family Support Center: Individual counseling life skills, finances, stress, and coping skills. Couples counseling is another service offered. No referral needed and no health record documentation. Office number: 624-4291 / +39-095-56-4291.
Internal Behavioral Health Consultant: Licensed Clinical Social Worker that works alongside your PCM specializing in stress management, relationship problems, coping with chronic health concerns, and sleep problems. Call the appointment line to schedule:  624-2273 / +39 095-56-2273 and Press Option 1 for Primary Care.

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Mental Health Clinic

+39 095-86-6095
Monday-Friday; Closed on Federal Holidays

Emergency Services

Local Area off base: +39 095-56-5225 or

On Base Emergency: 624-5225

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