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Scope of Care:

The Optometry Department provides comprehensive eye and vision care to eligible beneficiaries. Our staff examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system, orbit, and related structures. In addition, we work with your primary care doctor and medical team to identify and monitor certain systemic conditions that can affect your eyes and vision.
Appointments at the Flight Line Clinic on NAS 2 are for active duty only.  Appointments on at the NAS 1 hospital clinic are open to all beneficiaries.

 Services include:

Active Duty:

Comprehensive eye exams, physicals, visual concerns, spectacle ordering, spectacle repair, LASER Surveillance Program exams, some contact lens exams, refractive surgery (PRK/LASIK) evaluations and post-operative care.

If active duty members lose or break their glasses and have a current eye examination in their health record (less than 2 yrs. old), they can go to SRTS Web ( to reorder a previous military pair and have it sent directly to them. Additionally, they can walk-in without an appointment and reorder glasses or obtain a copy of their prescription if they would like to purchase on their own. Active Duty members are allowed to order one free frame of choice per year, two free standard issue frames, gas mask inserts if deploying, and ballistic eyewear if deploying.


Comprehensive eye exams, spectacle ordering, spectacle repair, and some contact lens exams.  Retirees are authorized one free pair of standard issue frames per year. Adjustments and repairs are offered as a walk-in service during normal business hours. Patients with a current eye examination from another facility may bring their spectacle prescription to the Optometry clinic during normal business hours to have the standard issue frame ordered.


Comprehensive eye exams, visual concerns, school referrals, and some contact lens exams.  Dependents are not eligible to order military glasses, but will be given their prescription so they can order in town, online, or wherever they choose.

All patients:

Your eyes may be dilated at your examination depending on your medical eye history and we encourage patients to bring sunglasses as light sensitivity may occur after dilation.

Contact lens exams are not a Tricare-covered benefit, but are made available when the situation allows. If you currently wear contacts, please bring your boxes, contact lenses, and back-up glasses to your appointment so we can help you as much as possible. Without these things, there is no guarantee for a prescription.

****** After hour eye issues should call the Nurse Advice Line: 1-800-Tricare (American number), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies need to go to the Emergency Department on Nas 1**********************************


SRTS Web. Active duty can reorder military glasses if they feel their prescription hasn't changed.



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Nas 1 Optometry:

Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays
Call:  624-2273/
to schedule an appointment

For questions call: 624-4847

Nas 2 Optometry

Monday and Friday
Call: 624-2273/
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For questions call 624-6303
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